Royals on Sunday – Heading for an alabaster record, and a visit safely packed (down to the stiletto heels)

Joachim (51) and his family have been in France for a long time. The prince chose to follow military management training there. He has been working as a defense attaché at the Danish embassy in Paris since September. Life in the French capital pleases his wife Marie and their two children Henrik in Athena good. “We have our small life in Paris, which has already become more limited due to the corona crisis. We enjoy every moment and the smallest things, such as helping the children with their homework,” says Joachim.

Joachim and Marie have been criticized for moving from Denmark to France. Not so much before leaving. During his training, the prince continued to receive his grant, which was hard on the stomach of some Danes. The government appeared to have given its permission for this. Now that he works at the embassy, ​​that allowance has been withdrawn. Earlier this year, Joachim traveled with his family back to Copenhagen, because son Henrik (11) was struggling with respiratory problems and they opted for Danish treatment. The press was not exactly grateful to Joachim that traveling in a full corona pandemic.

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