Rows of Successful Countries Overcome Covid That Again Surge

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Many countries around the world are facing a new wave of contagion Covid-19. It was made worse by the spread varian Delta corona virus which is more contagious.

A number of countries that have previously managed to control corona virus pandemics are also facing the threat of a new Covid-19 wave.

Most of these countries are facing a surge in Covid-19 infections after experiencing a decline in cases and easing social movement restrictions.

The following is a list of countries that have successfully controlled Covid-19 and are experiencing a surge in cases of the corona virus.


Australia continues to extend the validity period lockdown in Sydney and a number of other areas because the Covid-19 cases in the region have not subsided.

Lockdown in Sydney has been in effect since 26 June. The status was supposed to end on Friday (9/7), but was extended until now.

“This Delta variant of the virus is a differentiator, it is very easy to spread and contagious compared to the previous variants that we know,” said New South Wales Minister of Justice Gladys Berejiklian.

As a result of the extension of time lockdown, all schools in Sydney will start distance learning next week, after the winter break to avoid the crowds of shuttles.

Tightening of social movements and lockdown partial implementation is also applied to several other regions in Australia such as the states of Victoria and Western Australia. Previously, Australia managed to achieve zero Covid-19 cases since the start of the pandemic.

Covid-19 infections have spiked again after the Australian government eased borders.

To date, the overall number of cases of Covid-19 infection in Australia has reached 30,800, with 910 of them dead.

South Korea

South Korea again recorded a daily record of Covid-19 cases with 1,784 corona infections in the 24 hours to Tuesday (20/7) due to the emergence of the Delta variant.

South Korea’s Agency for Disease Control and Prevention (KDCA) stated that South Korea continues to record record cases of Covid-19 due to the Delta variant which now dominates infections in the country.

South Korea also implemented a high-level movement ban in Seoul since July 12. As reported AFP, with the implementation of the regulation, the South Korean government prohibits gatherings of more than two people starting at 18.00, schools will be closed, while cafes and restaurants will be restricted.

Meanwhile, entertainment venues, such as bars and nightclubs, will be closed completely. All public events are also prohibited, except for protests by one person.

Prior to the Covid-19 spike, the South Korean government had relaxed a number of restrictions on social movements, ranging from allowing eating in places with limited numbers and gatherings of people.

Had become the epicenter of Covid transmission at the beginning of the pandemic, South Korea was considered successful in tackling the corona without implementing lockdown.

One of South Korea’s moves to control Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic is by fast and extensive testing and tracking.

In addition, the Covid-19 vaccination was also deployed as one of the government’s strategies to control corona infections.

To date, 32 percent of South Korea’s 52 million population have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. The government targets 70 percent of the country’s population to be vaccinated by next September.

Countries Successfully Deal With Covid That Again Hits The Surge




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