Roveleto middle school inaugurated: 12 classes, workshops. Then the gym and auditorium

Ribbon cutting, on the afternoon of Saturday 11 September, to inaugurate the new middle school of the Roveleto di Cadeo school complex, in the presence of the president of the Emilia-Romagna Region Stefano Bonaccini, of the bishop of the diocese monsignor Adriano Cevolotto, of the deputy director from the school office of Emilia Romagna Bruno Di Palma and local authorities.
A building, costing just under 4 million euros, consisting of 12 classrooms (9 for middle school, 3 for primary school), technologically advanced laboratories, spaces for teachers and common spaces, even outdoors, for students. There is also a canteen area for the school complex and a canteen, built together with the Ausl that will serve to prepare meals for the health facilities of the Eastern District. This first excerpt will be followed by a second with the construction of a new gym, an auditorium and offices for the Ata management and staff.
Outside the school, about twenty people demonstrated against the green pass with signs and slogans.

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