Rotterdam agents not prosecuted for discrimination and assault


Justice refrains from prosecuting police officers against charges of abuse and discrimination. They allegedly used unnecessary violence in the arrest of a woman in a park in Rotterdam in late May.

A video of part of the arrest led to commotion. The Public Prosecutor’s Office investigated the arrest and concludes that the police brutality was lawful, necessary, and proportional, and that the officers did not speak out in a discriminatory or racist manner.


A 23-Surinamese-Dutch woman says she was aggressively approached by police officers in the park and eventually arrested violently.

On movies on the internet can be seen that the woman is pressed to the ground and held there. She was then taken away in a police van and said to be held in a police cell for 21 hours.

When the woman’s girlfriends packed their belongings after the arrest, officers were said to have made racist remarks such as “Get up monkey!”

Hectic in the park

Police say that despite the corona restrictions, it was hectic in the park that day and the 23-year-old woman did not comply with the request to leave.

She then sought confrontation herself by walking up to the police officers, insulting them and hitting the head of police officers with a fist.

According to the Public Prosecution Service, this is confirmed by images and statements from witnesses. Pressing the woman to the ground was necessary, according to the Public Prosecution Service, to stop her.

Discrimination cannot be determined

With regard to discrimination, the Public Prosecution Service says that this cannot be determined on the basis of the available images and statements.

The arrested woman is suspected of abuse and insult. Her case will be heard in August, reports Rijnmond.

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