Rossi wonders how come Franco Morbidelli can win the Valencia GP


VALENCIA – Success Franco Morbidelli take the victory GP Valencia, made three racers Yamaha, Fabio Quartararo, Maverick Vinales and Valentino Rossi were surprised. Because, rider The Italian uses a motorbike made in 2019, compared to his colleague who uses a 2020 motorbike.

The greatness of Morbidelli’s motorbike was again shown in Valencia. He uses a Yamaha YZR-M1 engine that has covered about 1,600 miles, nearly double the usual mileage limit. The motorbike was also used during the races at San Marino, Emilia Romagna, Catalunya, Aragon, Teruel and the European GP.

However, everyone does not know that the motorbike used by Morbidelli is actually the oldest machine that can win races in the MotoGP era. Moreover, his speed was also highly tested when he was able to beat Jack Miller’s Ducati Desmosedici GP20 in that race.

But why is Morbidelli so fast, when his fellow Yamaha riders are relatively slow? Is it because he drives the M1 2019, while Vinales, Quartararo, and Rossi drives the M1 2020? That is the generally accepted view. However, Rossi did not agree with that.

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According to him, the difference is the person, not the machine. Because, Morbidelli has the most influential mechanic on the Yamaha team, Ramon Forcada, who is beside him. “I raced last year on a 2019 bike and this year with a 2020 bike and for me the difference is not that big,” said Rossi. motorsport magazines. “I think Franco is having an extraordinary season and at the moment he is the fastest rider in MotoGP. He is a man at his best. For me this makes more of a difference, “he continued.

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