Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro: The Funniest Couple in Music Industry

A little over a month ago, the trend on social networks was Imitation that Rosalía did of Rauw Alejandro. And it is that they have become one of the most admired couples in the music industry, because, as on this occasion, they show the love and trust that they have at all times.

The Spanish artist put on a blue wig, very much in the style of the Puerto Rican in her ‘Saturno’ era, and copied her accent, her dance, her most famous expressions and even the compliments she dedicates to her.

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“Devil’, bastard, they killed me”, is one of those phrases that she utters jokingly while playing video games, just as her fiancé normally does.

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And this Saturday the Puerto Rican “retaliated” by posting a very similar video on his TikTok, but with many more details, well he wanted to represent Rosalía’s routine: from the time you get up, skincare is applied, what you have for breakfast, etc.

Of course, without omitting the “Good morning, motobabies, what a beautiful morning” and its particulars “ole, ole” and “take that take”; as well as some items that the singer has already said on other occasions are essential: avocados and mayonnaise.

The publication did not take long to fill with likes and comments from the followers of both, who are waiting for another rematch.

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