Roof plate meet guests at a restaurant in Trondheim – three sent to hospital – NRK Trøndelag

Three people were transported to St. Olav’s hospital. Two others have had a health check in the city.

– A heavy roof construction falls down to the first floor. People got this over them, task leader Marie Fossen Bredeli in Trøndelag police district informs NRK.

Pain in head and shoulders

All five injured must be under 18 years old, according to the task leader. A doctor in the city said that none of them were life-threateningly injured.

According to Bredeli, the youths complained of pain in the head and shoulders.

– There is no suspicion that they are seriously injured, says communications director Marit Kvikne at St. Olav’s hospital.

COLLAPSE: Heavy roof tiles must have fallen down and hit guests. Five people are injured.

Photo: Bertil Lernæs / NRK

Evacuated 20 guests

The police were notified of the incident at 18.50.

They evacuated and closed the restaurant together with the fire brigade.

There were 20 guests present, in addition to staff, when parts of the roof came loose.

According to the stakeholder, the roof construction as a drop is around 200 kilos.

Firefighters present at McDonalds at Tiller in Trondheim after parts of the roof inside the restaurant fell down

IN THE CITY: Naudetatane rumored to McDonald’s on Tiller, where a roof plate came loose.

Photo: Bertil Lernæs

– People panicked

Rewan Arkan Latif (14) was sitting on the second floor of McDonald’s when the roof plate came loose on the floor below him.

– A friend and I heard a sound. It almost sounded like an earthquake below us.

– We were nervous and wondered what the sound was, so we went down the stairs, he continued.

The comrades saw two people who were injured. Rewan feared that there were people he knew. The 14-year-old told that people panicked.

– I was a little scared. It was scary. I’ve never seen or heard anything like this before. It is completely sick that the roof fell down, he says to NRK.

Police present at a McDonalds restaurant at Tiller in Trondheim.  roofing sheets have fallen down

THE POLICE: The police evacuated 20 guests and staff who were present when the roof plate came loose.

Photo: Bertil Lernæs

Operations Manager: – No sign that something was wrong

Operations Manager Jonas Rakuckis for McDonald’s in Trondheim thinks it is a very unfortunate situation.

– This should not happen either in a restaurant or elsewhere. I hope that it will go well with everyone involved, he says.

The construction of the roof was new during the renovation of the restaurant in 2019, and it is completely the same on the second floor of the restaurant.

Jonas Rakuckis, Operations Manager, McDonalds Tiller in Trondheim

OPERATING MANAGER: Jonas Rakucki says there was no sign that anything was wrong with the roof construction at the McDonald’s restaurant at Tiller in Trondheim.

Photo: Kari Sørbø / NRK

– It is difficult to say what has happened. There was no sign that anything was wrong. Nothing moved or vibrated, says Rakuckis to NRK.

Veronika Skagestad, Head of Communications for McDonald’s in Norway, emphasizes that the police are now investigating the case, and that she will not comment as long as the investigation is ongoing.

This is confirmed by operations manager Kamilla Engen in Trøndelag police district.

– We can not say anything about the cause yet, she states.

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