Ronaldo’s strong words on Juventus!

In an exclusive interview for the Canal Football Club, the Portuguese gunner showed his optimism with the Old Lady.

Ambitious, serene, determined: Cristiano Ronaldo was true to himself in an interview for Canal +, this Sunday. If Juve is going through a more delicate season than usual, CR7 is convinced that the Piedmont club has the means for its ambitions.

Ronaldo confident for the future

« It’s a tough season. But we have a good team, young, a fantastic coach. We are very positive, we have to think about our group. I think it will be fine, we are progressing a lot. I’m confident, ”he said, before dwelling on his personal situation. “From my point of view, the future looks very bright! (…) Age is not important. The most important is the state of mind. For now it’s okay, I feel happy, fit, sharp. I hope to play for many more years to come, but you never know in football. That’s what I tell young people, in football you never know. “

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The empty stadiums, Ronaldo does not get used to it

There was also talk of this very atypical year, with empty speakers. These particular conditions, CR7 does not do it. And he does not hide it. While recalling the importance of security measures. ” I’ll be honest with you, I don’t like playing in empty stadiums, it’s like going to the circus and not seeing clowns“, He imaged. “This pandemic is driving people crazy, but we have to live with it. I hope the stadium doors will reopen soon. It was inevitable. We have to live with it, respect the rules of course, but I really don’t like playing in empty stadiums… ”.

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