Ronaldo, birthday and record: double for Inter, now the decisive matches

Tomorrow Ronaldo will blow out 36 candles: it is the moment of the year in which the Portuguese increases his performance with the start of the decisive matches. Just the ones waiting for Juve

To mark the time of football there are the sports seasons, the solar years, and the calendar of Cristiano Ronaldo. Which have a singular proximity to the Chinese calendar, whose New Year falls between January 21 and February 20 of the Gregorian calendar. The year of Christian begins in February, in honor of his birth set on the 5th of the month. Here we are. With the 36th anniversary announced by the double cup at San Siro with which Ronaldo overturned Inter on Tuesday.

Its time

There is a historical proof of this, the data on the percentage of goals by the Portuguese divided by months of the year. And from 9% in January onwards, it escalated up to an abundant 14% in April, before returning to drop with the lowest figures between October and November (7-8%). And there is an obvious explanation: it is now that “his” games begin. The elimination matches in the cups between national competitions and the Champions League, as well as the moment in which in the league you have to change gears: to break away from the competition or, as for Juve this year, try to take it back. Then let’s talk: last year his 4 goals in 4 games came after a January of 8 goals in 5 games. This year, among the “only” 4 made in January, there is the decisive one in the Super Cup.

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The man of numbers

In order not to lose the habit, Cristiano arrives at a record pace, because by now there is always a number to photograph, more than his genius on the field, the cannibal hunger of CR7. Like the eight doubles this season just celebrated as the top five of European football this year. There is the goal of 762 career goals, a match with himself and with history, given that the one with Pelé (767 goals), Romario (772) and Bican (805) will never end around numbers from the past that every day someone calls into question: the real question is to be in that gotha, and this is now peaceful. There is the climb between the scorers of every era of Juventus, arrived in two and a half years already at 87 in 112 games, with the triple figure not too far in the sights. It will be weeks out of breath, but on the shoulders of someone like this there are no impossible missions.


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