Ronaldo almost had a motorcycle accident because “he was irresponsible and oblivious”

Former Sporting Portugal coach Leonel Pontes returned to Cristiano Ronaldo’s childhood and his frenetic taste for risk.

With a trophy cabinet lined with the finest individual distinctions, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best players in the world. The 36-year-old Portuguese superstar is still at the top of world football. While at this age most players have already lowered their pace, CR7 still shines and shows with every outing that he is insatiable for titles.

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But the five-time Golden Ball could have missed out on his immense career due to a motorcycle accident. In an interview with Portuguese media ExpressFormer Sporting Portugal coach Leonel Pontes has revealed a rather unusual anecdote about the Juventus star. The latter, then 13 years old, frightened the Portuguese technician, who supervised her at the time.

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“I have a small motorbike at home in Madeira and I asked Cristiano: ‘Do you want to take a ride? Can you ride a motorcycle? ‘ He said ‘I know, I know’. So I lent him my motorbike. When he accelerated, the front tire rose, he pitched up several meters with the front wheel in the air and with his feet dragging on the ground. I put my hands on my head, ‘What are you doing?’ He disappeared around a bend. This moment between his disappearance and his return was a torment for me. I will never forget what I went through. He was irresponsible and oblivious. When he stopped in front of me, my heart started beating again. And he was very happy ”. Sacred player!

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