Römlein saves Neuhütten-Wiesthal’s point in stoppage time

TuS Frammersbach receives a 0: 8 swatter at FC Südring in Aschaffenburg. No wonder the player-coach is pissed off.

TSV Retzbach ?? TuS Unfortunately 2: 5 (1: 1). “It was like the last few weeks. We fought and played well, but we couldn’t reward ourselves,” said Retzbach’s coach Carsten Lanik after the 2-5 defeat against third place in the table. The TSV coach admitted that his boys had slight problems with their opponents in the first 20 minutes, but had the guest completely under control from the middle of the first half. It was only because of the exploitation of the chances that Lukas Gößwein only converted a penalty to make it 1-1 just before the break. Even after the restart, the home side set the tone, but fell behind again with a penalty. Philipp Gößwein equalized in return, but all efforts of the TSV were not rewarded. On the contrary, the guest from unfortunately, who has a top scorer in the ranks with the returnee Daniel Meßner, countered the hosts ice cold and went home with a 5-2 win.

Tore: 0: 1 Philipp Zschirpe (7th), 1: 1 Lukas Gößwein (44th, penalty kick), 1: 2 Daniel Meßner (61st, penalty kick), 2: 2 Philipp Gößwein (62nd), 2: 3 Meßner (71st penalty) .), 2: 4 Enes Öncü (72nd), 2: 5 Meßner (82nd). Referee: Meding (Ochsenfurt). Spectator: 80.

1. FC Südring ?? TuS Frammersbach 8:0 (2:0). “Südring showed us. If it had turned out in double digits in the end, we shouldn’t have complained,” said Frammersbach’s player-coach Patrick Amrhein after the 8-0 slap. His team missed everything. “Each of our players was worse than his opponent,” said Amrhein, who had warned his team in advance not to let the opponent get into the game. After the weak first half, Frammersbach briefly gave as after the restart, but after the home side had made it 3-0, all dams broke.

Tore: 1: 0 Stefan Trivkovic (14th), 2: 0 Stevan Zivkovic (22nd), 3: 0 Matej Buketa (51st), 4: 0 Zivkovic (62nd), 5: 0 Andre Eckert (66th), 6 : 0 Zivkovic (78th), 7: 0, 8: 0 Eckert (82nd, 88th). Referee: Urbanczyk (Würzburg). Spectator: 50.

TSV Lohr ?? TV waterless 4: 1 (1: 1). After 0: 1 deficit, Lohr prevailed in the end with 4: 1. “In the first half hour we weren’t in the game and we were always a step too far away,” said Lohr’s player-coach Christian Schmitt after the poor performance in the early stages. But with increasing duration, the hosts got better into the game and made it 1-1 before the break. After half time, Schmitt switched striker Ugur Sen and himself, which promptly made itself felt on the offensive. “Ugur Sen was very noticeable,” said Schmitt, praising the goal scorer to make it 2-1. Hardly as a substitute, Sen took out a penalty, which he also converted himself. At the latest with the 3: 1 by Fabian Lurz, Wasserlos’s resistance was broken.

Tore: 0: 1 Niklas Zahn (20th), 1: 1 Erhan Dogan (38th), 2: 1 Ugur Sen (47th, penalty kick), 3: 1 Fabian Lurz (64th), 4: 1 Jens Kirchgeßner (88th) ). Referee: Bornhorst (Kürnach). Spectator: 70.

SSV Kitzingen ?? TSV Neuhütten-Wiesthal 3:3 (3:2). Manuel Römlein saves his team a deserved point in stoppage time. With a dust from 13 meters, the playing assistant coach rewarded his team in the 93rd minute for the effort made. The guests could not access the game for the first half hour. “Kitzingen was superior, we made fatal mistakes on the defensive,” said TSV sports director Bernd Kunkel in view of the two goals conceded. With the converted hand penalty by Römlein, the guests had some hope in the meantime, but it was only with Christian Huth’s goal to make it 2: 3 that a jolt went through the ranks at TSV. From then on Neuhütten-Wiesthal presented itself at least equally, but did not succeed despite two top-class chances from Christian Huth shortly before the break. “We weren’t dangerous enough in the second half,” said Kunkel and, with Felix Schanbacher’s injury-related absence, gave the reason for this.

Tore: 1-0 Florian Soldner (7th), 2-0 Alexander Schmidbauer (16th), 2-1 Manuel Römlein (21st, hand penalty), 3-1 Dennis Ketturkat (26th), 3-2 Christian Huth (34th) ), 3: 3 Romlein (90 + 3). Referee: Flat (Hösbach). Spectator: 50.

TSV Rottendorf ?? TSV Keilberg 2:0 (1:0). “The bottom line is that the victory is not undeserved. We simply failed to close the bag early,” admitted Rottendorf’s coach Martin Lang after the 2-0 win against Keilberg. Even before the opening goal, the league leaders had some high-profile opportunities, but had to be patient until the 38th minute before Julian Wolff scored 1-0. But the guests from Keilberg also caused danger in front of the Rottendorfer box. Ugur Öner forgave once very tightly before goalkeeper Peter Trappschuh saved him at the last second. In the second half, too, Keilberg proved to be the expected uncomfortable opponent, who presented himself as a strong duel and mostly operated with long balls. After Robin Busch had marked the decisive 2-0, the guest threw everything forward again, but it remained with the home side’s victory, which was ultimately deserved.

Tore: 1:0 Julian Wolff (38.), 2:0 Robin Busch (64.). Referee: Horn (Mönchstockheim). Spectator: 150.

The game between DJK Hain and TSV Uettingen was canceled because there were suspected corona cases and contact with the TSV players at SV Aalbachtal, the Uettinger’s reserve.

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