Romero: watch online UFC 248, live, broadcast, when the fight, what time

Today, March 8, at the UFC 248 tournament in Nevada, a duel will take place between Israel Adesanya (New Zealand) and Yoel Romero (Cuba). In total, 12 fights will be held within the framework of the tournament. The main one is just between Adesanya and Romero.

Adesanya and Romero will hold the title fight in middleweight. The host of “Match TV” and “Power of TV” Roman Mazurov suggests that Adesanya will confirm the status of the favorite and will win.

Adesagni statistics at UFC: 7-0. Romero statistics: 9-3.

Watch online UFC 248 will be on the Wink multimedia platform and on UFC TV.

Fights of the main card will begin at 06:00 Moscow time.


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