Rome Zaniolo, the news of the transfer market

The meeting that took place in the afternoon between the entourage of Nicolo Zaniolo and the Bournemouth has ended and even if a final decision has not yet been made, we go towards the player’s no to the English proposal. After the Premier club had formalized the offer to Roma -30 million plus bonus and percentage on future resale – there was a confrontation with the player’s agent, in which Bournemouth should have convinced the player. The decision has not been taken but we are moving towards a no, even if a definitive answer has not been given nor has any decision been communicated to Roma. There will be further reflection by Zaniolo and the agent, who also evaluate the validity of the English club’s project. Bournemouth have put an important contract on the table and the possibility of playing in the Premier League, even if not in a first tier club (Bournemouth are third from bottom) but certainly in the richest league in the world.

Zaniolo, the English offer after Milan’s failed relaunch

Zaniolo’s agent, Claudio Vigorelli, met the Bournemouth after yesterday the Milan he had decided not to make raises to get to the Roma footballer. This after the offer from the English had arrived at the Giallorossi club, which they put on the plate for Zaniolo 30 million euros plus bonuses, plus a 10% percentage on future resale. An offer that satisfies Roma’s expectations, and to which Milan had responded by deciding not to raise, opting out of any possible negotiation. In fact, once the 24 hours requested to understand the feasibility of the operation had expired, the Rossoneri had informed Roma and the player’s agent that they could not match the British offer. In recent days, in fact, Milan was thinking of a loan offer with an obligation to buy in the event of qualification for the Champions League, but with lower figures than the request. Then came the offer from Bournemouth: now the decision is up to Zaniolo, who will reflect after the meeting with his agent and give an answer.

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