Rome: Fazio, Pellegrini and Santon positive for coronavirus

They join Dzeko and the Primavera goalkeeper Boer, while Diawara and Calafiori have finished quarantine and can return to the group

After the positivity of Dzeko and the Primavera goalkeeper (aggregated to the first team) Boer, three other cases of positivity at Covid in Rome. The defenders Federico Fazio and Davide Santon and the midfielder Lorenzo Pellegrini were positive. However, if Santon has not had contact with his team-mates for days, given that he has been working separately for a muscle injury for about ten days, Fazio was on the bench on Sunday in Genoa with the team in the Giallorossi 3-1 against Grifone. Negative in the test done on Saturday evening, it turned out positive today. And Pellegrini was even the owner of Marassi.

Diawara and Calafiori ok

At the moment, Rome has only Dzeko out for Covid, in addition to today’s two players, who will be subjected to another buffer tomorrow, like the teammates. Instead, Diawara and Calafiori passed the fitness test, who can return to training after 21 days of isolation.


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