Rome and Zaniolo negotiate for the anti Lazio choirs

The Federation has accepted the request made by the Giallorossi player: the affair ends with 8,000 euros to be donated to the Integrated Football Academy

Eight thousand euros to be donated within thirty days to the integrated football academy. Thus ends the story of the choirs against Lazio that had seen Nicolò Zaniolo as protagonist on 26 May last. The Federation accepted the request for a plea bargain made by the player and by Roma after the investigations arising from the choirs sung by Zaniolo on the open bus, on the occasion of the celebrations for the victory of the Conference League, and therefore resolved today.

the press release

These are the words of the federal communiqué: “It has been found that the Federal President has not formulated any comments regarding the agreement reached by the parties concerning the application of the fine of four thousand euros (to be donated to the” Accademia Calcio Integrated “) for the Mr. Nicolò Zaniolo and four thousand euros (to be donated to the “Accademia Calcio Integrated”) for the company As Roma, the agreement as mentioned above is announced. The sanctioned subjects must prove to the Federation that they have donated these sums to the association within the peremptory term of 30 days following the date of publication, under penalty of termination of the agreement “. A bad story that ends in the best possible way because the Academy that promotes the well-being of children and adults with intellectual disabilities through football will benefit from it.

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