Roman Reigns with an emotional message after cancer

WWE top star Roman Reigns has celebrated a fitting year-end closing.

In a match aired on Fox’s New Year’s Eve with Seve Harvey: Live from Times Square, the superstar defeated the world‘s largest wrestling league Dolph Ziggler with the Spear.

The well-known US presenter Maria Menounos acted as guest ring announcer, who has also contested wrestling matches for WWE. Like Reigns, the Greek-born Menounos was suffering from cancer, and in 2017 she suffered from a brain tumor.

Reigns had to take a break from leukemia from October 2018 to February 2019, in an interview published by WWE he sent a moving message to the fans of the show fighting league after his match against Ziggler.

Reigns thanks fans

“My life would not be like this without you. I have to thank a lot of people. The fans take time for us and spend their hard earned money on it despite their busy day,” said Reigns. “You are the most passionate fans of the whole world and I wouldn’t be in the position I am now without you.”

Reigns also left out his WWE character in the speech and addressed the audience with his real name Joe Anoa’i. “The motivation and enthusiasm of the fans helped Joe. This gave me security and allowed me to get well. It enabled me to return to my employer and make my life normal again.”

Reigns held the WWE three times and the Universal Championship once before his cancer, and has been waiting for a major title since his return.

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