Roma celebrates Mourinho: at dinner with the Friedkin and the whole team VIDEO | A league

A fish dinner to celebrate and make a group. Rome meets for dinner a stone’s throw from St. Peter’s in the Le Vele restaurant. The occasion is the party for the 1000 benches of José Mourinho. A once in a lifetime event that they wanted to participate in also the Friedkin who booked the entire restaurant and wanted to give a Special evening to their coach.

The club, present in full force, has reserved an entire restaurant in Piazza Pio XI square. Fish menu, supervised by the nutritionist who keeps everyone under control two days after the match with CSKA Sofia. Mourinho sat at the table with Dan and Ryan Friedkin, while the players were split across tables of six and eight. During the dinner they all stood up to sing “Bella Ciao”, accompanying the song with applause. Then the speech of Mourinho who thanked his boys and invited them to celebrate again. Further on.


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