Rohff at war with Booba, he tackles him violently

Rohff is still at war with Booba! Moreover, he has just violently tackled the rapper and to know everything, it’s in this article.

Will Booba soon be on Skyrock after his rant against the radio? While a new rebound has taken place, Rohff has again tackled the Duke of Boulogne. As a reminder, the two rappers have been at war for several years now. The reason ? The fact that their collaboration on the track “We are the street” could not see the light of day. Booba resented the young man and since then they have not stopped tackling each other on social networks. And obviously, a reconciliation between the two rappers does not seem at all relevant since Rohff has once again thrown spikes at his worst enemy. Indeed, the interpreter of Goat did not hesitate to react to Booba’s complaint against journalist Yérim Sar for defamation.

Rohff goes after Booba again
Rohff attacks Booba again – Credit (s): Supernatural Instagrambyrohff
Rohff goes after Booba againRohff goes after Booba again
Rohff attacks Booba again – Credit (s):

As you can see from the Instagram posts above, Rohff attacks Booba again by first making a photo montage in which we see the face of the performer of Ratpi World on the movie poster Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves which he renamed for the occasion: “Eli Baba and the 40 miners”. In the caption, the rapper also wrote the following message: “Soon Booby la pointe in Dakar forbidden to over 16s” by referring to the comments made by Yérim Sar on a case that took place in Dakar and involving a minor and Booba. Subsequently, Rohff shared a snap of Kylie Jenner with the following pun: “Erk’Elie Jenner”. This new tackle shows how the war is still relevant between the two rappers. And while waiting for a possible response from the Duke of Boulogne, know that the editor of melty offers you a return on more than 10 years of controversies in which Booba clashed with Rohff, Kaaris, Gims and many others.

Credits: Instagram: Supernaturalbyrohff

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