Rogue-like TPS “Returnal” PC version will be distributed domestically on February 16th. The required memory capacity in the recommended operating environment has been lowered from the initial announcement – AUTOMATON

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced on January 19th that the roguelike TPS “Returnal]will be released domestically on February 16th. The Steam / Epic Games store has started accepting reservations, and the price is 5900 yen.

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“Returnal” is a TPS produced by SIE subsidiary Housemarque. The main character, astronaut Selene, crashes on the unknown planet Atropos due to a spacecraft accident. And he must fight strange enemies as he explores mysterious ruins in search of a way to escape. This work incorporates roguelike elements, and all equipment, items, and upgrades obtained along the way are lost when you die, except for some that can be handed over, and the structure of the stage and the placement of enemies change each time you play. do. Another feature is that it incorporates a loop that wakes up again after dying as a story element. This work will be released for PS5 in March 2021 and won high praise. And this time it will be released for PC as well.

In the PC version released this time, the online CO-OP mode added in the update for PS5 and the additional game mode “Sisyphus Tower” are initially recorded. In online co-op mode, you can play cooperatively with your friends, and even if one player is defeated, you can revive them. On the other hand, the tower of Sisyphus corresponds to the so-called endless mode, and you aim to get a high score by climbing the tower that gradually increases in difficulty.

In addition, the PC version supports functions such as NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR that raise performance by so-called super resolution technology. In addition to the ray-traced shadows introduced in the PS5 version, ray-traced reflections are also supported. You can also play on a 21:9 ultra-wide screen or a 32:9 super ultra-wide screen. It also supports Dolby Atmos and 5.1/7.1 surround. Also, according to SIE, using the DualSense controller will give you the best gaming experience. In addition, it also supports play with keyboard and mouse, and various customization settings are prepared.

In addition, the required specifications for the PC version have also been released. Five stages of required specifications from the minimum operating environment to the 4K60fps environment with ray tracing support are shown, and the CPU, GPU, memory, etc. required for each are as shown in the image below. By the way, at the time of the announcement of the PC version of this work, the memory capacity in the recommended operating environment (1080p / 60fps) was 32GB, but this announcement has been reduced to 16GB. If you want 4K/60fps or more, you need 32GB.

“Returnal” PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) version is scheduled for domestic distribution on February 16.

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