Rogier has apologized to Frank: ‘He is sorry’

It still doesn’t work out between Frank & Rogier. The two have been arguing for a while, hanging their dirty laundry outside. Aran spoke to the 74-year-old, who is currently in South Frank, about the scene. “I’m in the right place here, the sun is shining brightly!” he says cheerfully. “But it is anything but a quiet week.” He hasn’t spoken to Rogier since the bomb burst. “I also prefer not to have any contact yet”, Frank confides in RTL Boulevard.

Still, it seems to be improving between the two. “He has sent a sweet message,” says the thrift enthusiast. “Rogier apologizes for what he has done. He regrets that.” It doesn’t look very good now, but there is improvement. “I am confident that this will be all right. We do not want to disappoint the viewers,” said Frank. “We have been apart before, which is not surprising. We live and work together. We sit on each other’s lips 24 hours a day, then something breaks sometimes.” It shows that it is serious. A schnabbel was planned and they canceled it, reports Frank. “We had a commercial obligation, which we unfortunately had to cancel.”

The dispute between Frank & Rogier has continued for some time. In the video below you can see why things went wrong between the two.

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