Roger Martínez asked the MLS for a salary higher than Carlos Vela’s

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Mexico City. / 02.22.2020 11:55:27

The interest of Inter Miami and the Galaxy for Roger Martínez sided when they knew how much money the player was asking to play in the United States League, since he demanded a salary of five million dollars annual, higher amount than Carlos Vela, MVP of last season.

According to MLS Buzz information and from Colombian media, Martínez, knowing the interest of these teams, asked for five million dollars and not get off his pretensions, both teams decided not to look for it anymore.

The money that the Colombian asked for placed him as the second highest paid player from MLS, just behind Chicharito Hernández, who has a salary of six million dollars annually, while players like Vela and Josef Martínez of Atlanta United, are around 4.5 million dollars.

For now Roger is training in the america, but has not had minutes of activity in the MX League by a decision of the board and the coaching staff, in addition to neither was registered for the Eagles to play the Conchampions.



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