Roger Federer wins 1000th match in Brisbane

Roger Federer won the first ATP victory in Toulouse in 1998 at age 17, making great strides in the ATP rankings in those years and becoming one of the best players in the world a few years later.

The Swiss became a major champion in 2003 and world No. 1 next February, sitting on the ATP throne for four and a half years. Although he lost some ground to Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, Roger was still among the players to beat in 2014 after 73 ATP wins and five titles, heading to Brisbane at the start of 2015 hungry for more.

After an early scare against John Millman, Roger raised his level and reached the final, beating Milos Raonic with a score of 6-4, 6-7, 6-4 for the 83rd ATP title. It was also the 1000th ATP victory for Roger, joining Jimmy Connors and Ivan Lendl on this feat and making history once again.

Federer needed 30 minutes to secure the opener and came close to the finish line with an early break in the second set. Milos reduced the score to 1-2 and dominated the tie break to reach a decisive point, where he kept in touch with Federer until 4-5.

The Swiss got a late break just when he needed it to seal the deal and celebrate the title and a milestone, accompanied by Roy Emerson and Rod Laver at the trophy ceremony.

“It’s a lot of games and a lot of wins, we’re talking about 1000. Obviously, it’s a great feeling. I couldn’t have done it without so many people. I started out playing tennis.

Then there were all the coaches and everyone, physical trainer, Federation, and my wife, who probably attended about 800 of them. All this would not have been possible without them.

I have had excellent support staff throughout my career. Each of them made sacrifices so that I could be here today. It’s a special day for me to win a title and reach the magic number of 1000.

At Brisbane 2015, Roger Federer claimed the 1000th ATP victory.

“It’s very different from any other game I’ve won because I never thought about it, hitting 500 or 800. All those numbers meant nothing to me, but for some reason 1000 means a lot because it is such a huge number.

Just counting to 1000 is going to take time. These are funny emotions, but I am very proud and happy about them. I probably remember I said at least 800. I hope so. It’s almost more fun to win this way thanks to a tight game with nerves and wet conditions against a great player in the final.

It means more than just running away with a 6-4, 6-4 win, which seemed very likely at one point. I imagine I was much happier having to play three sets at the end than winning in a straight line.

I didn’t say it on the court, but every time I see Rod or Roy I’m grateful that they paved the way for us, after playing I don’t know how many exhibition matches that promoted the tennis in the world and have given us this platform.

And then it just kept improving, more people were able to come, and it became a professional tour. We were able to make a living from it. So many players have the opportunity to do this, you know, from anywhere in the world.

The fans have a significant impact on the game today. Winning in a crowded stadium is great. I never even thought about the Jimmy Connors record. Next thing you know, you’re in the top 3.

I know how well they have played over the years, how much they have played and how successful they have been. This is by no means one of my goals. Obviously at this point I doubt that will happen, but you never know.

I have no idea, like I said, how long I’m going to keep playing. The goal is to stay in the game as long as possible. For that, I must avoid hurting myself. I need to be hungry, to be motivated and all that.

At the moment I am, so it’s more of a problem than reaching that number, “said Roger Federer.

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