Rockstar opens the hunt for fan versions of GTA 3 and GTA Vice City

Rockstar is most likely attempting to take two impressive GTA fan projects offline. That was to be expected, but it is still a shame.

Rockstar Games has filed for fan versions of GTA 3 and GTA Vice City to be taken offline. The developers report this (via Eurogamer).

Recently the source code for the games, Re and ReVC, appeared for free on the platform Github. The games have been reverse engineered – ‘sifted through’ to learn how the code was written – and then added various improvements. For example, bugs have been fixed, support for modern controller, an improved HUD menu and improved effects.

With the source code of the fan versions, other modders can get started with further improvements and ports for platforms like the Nintendo Switch. Yesterday, however, it turned out that Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games are the games offline based on copyright infringement.

Against Eurogamer project manager ‘aap’ says he was concerned about possible actions from Take-Two, despite emphasizing that the fan versions only work with an official copy of the game.

It is unclear whether the project will actually be taken off the air.



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