Rock from Xàbia for the fight against cancer

Rock from Xàbia for the fight against cancer

A rock band from the force of Toxic and an activist as hard as Maria Ferrer were predestined to meet. «This story started two years ago. Maria came to one of our concerts. She is a friend of Ramón (Calderón), our drummer. We immediately connect. And the idea arose to compose together a song to raise funds for cancer research “, recalls Marta Cholbi, the vocalist of a group that also includes her brother, Cristóbal (they are the children of Cristóbal Cholbi, the singer of La Rendición, so rock music runs through his veins), and Carlos Puig.

“The lyrics fit together like a puzzle,” says Cristobal. “And it is sugar cane and transmits that energy that is so necessary today,” adds María Ferrer.

The subject is titled “Second Life.” The band releases it today. “All that we manage to raise we will allocate to cancer research,” stresses Maria, who dares to do anything and sings the refrain of a powerful and engaging song with Marta. «We want it to be heard. Each click is a little push in the fight against cancer, “says the activist who, while fighting breast cancer, collected no less than 200,000 signatures that she presented in the Corts to ask for the early detection of cancer to be promoted.

Now it is important that “Second life” does not stop ringing. From 100,000 views on YouTube, you will start to generate profits. «And they will go intact for cancer research. Let it be very clear », emphasizes Maria Ferrer.

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Toxic has been out for ten years now. He mixes rock and punk and has made a name for himself in the music scene.

The band and Maria are waiting for the pandemic to pass so that it sounds at a «Second Life» concert. This afternoon, at 5:00 p.m., they launch the song on YouTube or Spotify. The video clip also sees the light. It has a lot of hook. Solidarity with the strength of rock.


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