Rocamora defeated Unión Florida with a brilliant performance by Milagros Maza

At the close of the first day of the reclassification home run of the Women’s League that takes place this weekend at the Temple of Rock, Rocamora beat Union Florida a great game. It was a victory for the Entre Ríos by 83-76, in a match that had to be defined in extra time, very even from start to finish.

Milagros Maza was the most outstanding of the day, signing a huge roster with 32 points (4/6 in triples), 6 rebounds and a PIR of 35. We must also mention the work of Sabrina Scévola, who although she did not score many points (5) was key in the rebounds with 18 boards. Other important factors were Tiziana Huici (15 points) and Irina Figueroa (11 points with 2/3 in triples).

In Florida we must highlight the great afternoon of Carla Miculka, who broke it with 33 points plus 16 rebounds, with a surprising 44 performance. Sol Laviero accompanied her with 17 points.

Both equaled 70 points at the end of regular time, and then, in the supplementary time, Rocamora’s work was superior and ended up capturing a partial of 13 to 6 to win the 83-76 victory. Great step of those led by Lali González to confirm their very good news (it is the sixth consecutive win this season).

Florida showed a furious start with a 16-4 run in the first six minutes of the game. However, and beyond the fact that those led by Nicolás Grosso managed to win the first period by 21-13, the party began to change thanks to the Uruguayan reaction. With a huge job from Milagros Maza (plus Sabrina Scévola, Antonella González and Rocío Díaz’s job), the Rojas came within five (35-30 down), although Florida went to the long break 37-30 up.

Carla Miculka’s huge game was decisive for Florida to stay ahead on the scoreboard for more than half an hour (she already had 14 points and 11 rebounds in the first 16 minutes of the game), and the triples of Florencia Martínez and Delfina Saravia accompanied that tendency that those of Vicente López had. For his part, Maza continued to be Rocamora’s clear offensive reference, well accompanied in that passage by Irina Figueroa. Florida in any case ended up taking a difference of ten (57-47) at the end of that third quarter.

But that’s when Rocamora forced a new, much more aggressive reaction. He first managed to withstand the onslaught of Florida through the work of Tiziana Huici, who kept the Rojas on the prowl. Then, between Corrientes and a couple of incursions by Maza (triple), González and Díaz, the story was not only tied but it was reversed. Wide drought for Florida, who could not convert in almost 7 minutes of that fourth period, going from winning by 15 (64-49) to losing by the minimum after a 16-0 sprint (65-64 for Rocamora).

Rocamora’s reaction was prolonged to the point that two free ones from Díaz left Rocamora with the possibility of winning the game with 16 seconds remaining to finish the duel (70-67). However, on the other side, a double and a foul by Sol Laviero tied the match at 70 with 10 seconds remaining. The story then went into an extension.

Starting the supplementary, two bombs from Maza took off Rocamora (78-72), which later with Díaz and Huici resulted in a frantic race for the Entre Rios to leave the scoreboard at 81-72 with less than two minutes to play. There was no time for a possible reaction from Florida, the Reds closed the game better and ended up taking a key victory thinking about the continuity of the reclassification.

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