Robots take over the housework, AI even speaks

[삼성전자-LG전자 ‘일상의 혁신’ 공개]

Samsung Electronics “People-centered technology and innovation”
Household’handy’, pretending to place plates and organize them
‘SmartThings Cooking’ is scheduled to be released in Q1

“Samsung Bot Handy, please have a glass of water” Sebastian Seung, director of Samsung Research, is demonstrating exchanging water cups with’Samsung Bot™ Handy’ at the Samsung Press Conference at’CES 2021′ on the 11th. The Samsung Bot™ Handy is a future home service robot that can detect the location or shape of an object by itself and hold it or move it. Provided by Samsung Electronics

‘Houses and individuals whose roles are increasingly becoming larger.’

It is a key keyword for products and services that Samsung Electronics announced that it will innovate this year. In the untact (non-face-to-face) era, which started with the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19),’houses’ are increasingly taking on larger and more diverse roles, and each individual needs’my own home, technology and products tailored to me’. This is because the demand to do it is growing.

On the 11th, Samsung Electronics held an online press conference in time for the opening of the world‘s largest information technology (IT) exhibition’CES 2021′. At the conference held on the subject of’Better Daily Life for All’, Sebastian Seung, President of Samsung Research said, “Corona 19 brought a new daily life and crisis, and (we) must try to overcome it and move on to a better ideal.” Samsung Electronics will actively contribute through people-centered technology and innovation.”

On this day, at the Samsung Electronics conference, a variety of products and services that could become a’must have’ for the future house beyond refrigerators and TVs were unveiled for the first time. Jetbot AI, which is scheduled to be released in the Korean market in the first half (January to June), is a robot cleaner with significantly improved autonomous driving capabilities. Whenever the robot cleaner is used, it is equipped with a deep learning-based object recognition function and a lidar sensor to eliminate the inconvenience of raising the chair on the table and removing items on the floor. Unlike previous products that recognized the whole home appliance or furniture as’an obstacle’, it is possible to recognize the height and structure of home appliances through more than 1 million images learned in advance. It also has a function to automatically clean the area around the refrigerator when you say “clean the area around the refrigerator”. The Samsung Bot Handy, which Samsung Electronics said is under study, is a future home robot. It can recognize the location or shape of an object by itself, and has an arm that can hold and move it. It is possible to place dishes on the table before eating or to organize after meals. Lee Ki-soo, Vice President of Samsung Electronics’ Household Appliances Division, said, “As the time spent living in the house has increased, the burden of housework for many consumers has increased. Jetbot AI is a product that can radically change the cleaning experience of consumers,” he said. “We will show a variety of products incorporating AI technology.”

On this day, services such as’Smart Things Cooking’ and’Samsung Health‘, a service that allows you to use’smart things cooking’ and’Samsung Health‘, etc., were also released. SmartThings Cooking is a service that uses apps (application programs and applications) installed in home appliances such as ovens and refrigerators. If you input personal health information in advance, AI recommends customized diets and recipes. It will be released in Korea and the United States in the first quarter (January to March). Samsung Health for Smart TV is a service that provides various types of high-definition home training contents such as stretching, strength training, yoga, and meditation.

President Seung selected Bespoke refrigerators as’products that can reflect individual tastes’. Bespoke, which allows individuals to choose product type and color according to their taste, is a product that has gained popularity enough to account for 60% of Samsung Electronics’ domestic sales last year.

A Samsung Electronics official said on the day, “With Corona 19, the need for customized technologies and products has increased.”

LG Electronics “Comfortable home life”

First launch of’Rollable Phone’ to increase and decrease the screen

LG Display combines bed and OLED… Panel with 20% improvement in luminous efficiency is also released

Kim Rae-ah, a virtual man who appeared as a speaker at LG Electronics On the 11th, virtual man Rae-ah Kim explains about LG Electronics robots and information technology (IT) at the LG Electronics press conference at’CES 2021′. Kim Rae-ah, implemented using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, came out as one of seven speakers on this day and spoke for about three minutes. Raeah means’a child from the future’. Provided by LG Electronics

A smartphone with an expanding display and an enlarged screen, a virtual man who spoke as a speaker with the CEO, and an air cleaning robot that sterilizes all over the hotel… .

It is a new technology that LG Electronics introduced at the world‘s largest information technology (IT) exhibition’CES 2021′ on the 11th. On this day, LG Electronics said,’The precious daily life continues. A press conference on the theme of’Life is ON-Make yourself @ Home’ with LG was held online.

Kwon Bong-seok, president of LG Electronics (CEO), said in a greeting, “In an era that is rapidly changing in unexpected ways, we will ensure that our customers can enjoy a better life to the fullest. “LG Electronics will not stop the journey of innovation,” he said.

LG Electronics unveiled its prototype’rollable phone’ on two occasions during the conference. Although product development was suggested through a teaser video in September of last year, it is the first time that the product name’LG Rollable’ and the actual product screen size have been increased or decreased. LG Electronics re-emphasized that it is a product under development in the dimension of the’Explorer Project’, an innovation strategy for smartphone form factor (form).

The most notable speaker at this conference was’Kim Rae-ah’. It is a virtual human implemented by LG Electronics using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Rae-ah Kim learned the three-dimensional (3D) movements of humans through deep learning technology, so that facial expressions and gestures resembled real humans. She introduced herself as “Hi, I am a composer and a DJ,” and then explained about LG Electronics’ robots and information technology for 3 minutes, saying, “I will show you the coolest LG technology.”

A Japanese restaurant using LG Display’s transparent organic light-emitting diode (OLED). Provided by LG Display

In conjunction with the CES event, LG Display presented a different life style using organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels through 11 experience zones including future cars, study rooms, and restaurants at LG Science Park in Magok, Gangseo-gu, Seoul. ‘Smart Bed’, which combines a bed and 55-inch transparent OLED, can raise and lower the transparent OLED at the tip of the toe. While lying in bed, you can check simple information such as weather or time, or watch TV or movies. In addition, it introduced a film cinematic sound OLED (Film CSO) that makes sound on the display screen without the need to install a separate speaker. LG Display’s ’48-inch bendable CSO’, which was unveiled this time, is flat when watching TV, but it can be changed to a curved’curved screen’ when playing games. An official from LG Display said, “We are developing displays that use OLEDs for infotainment inside future cars and external vehicles in the future.”

LG Display also unveiled a next-generation OLED panel that has improved luminous efficiency by 20% at this CES. The higher the luminous efficiency, the more vivid color quality can be enjoyed. In addition, it has decided to mass-produce 83-inch and 42-inch panels in addition to the existing 88, 77, 65, 55, and 48-inch lineups. In the future, it plans to produce 20-30-inch panels and use it for games and personal displays.

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