Robot Perseverance Selfie with Helicopter on Mars


NASA shared the first selfie of a space explorer robot Perseverance on Mars. This photo also shows a helicopter Ingenuity.

Perseverance, who arrived on Mars February 18, 2021 with Ingenuity attached to its stomach, recently landed the helicopter to the surface of Mars. In the near future, Ingenuity will be the first aircraft to fly on another planet.

Quoted from Digital Trends, selfie Photo Perseverance together Ingenuity this was taken on April 6th. In the photo, you can see that the two machines are about 3.9 meters apart. We can also see there are marks of Perseverance wheels on the ground.

In addition to the above photo, NASA has also posted an animated version (in the tweet below) that shows SuperCam Perseverance heading for Ingenuity and telling himself to take a selfie.

The image was created from 62 photos taken by Perseverance’s WATSON (Wide Angle Topographic Sensor for Operations and eNgineering) camera on the SHERLOC (Scanning Habitable Environments with Raman and Luminescence for Organics and Chemicals) camera located at the end of Perseverance’s robotic arm. This device seems to have a high-tech selfie stick.

The images were combined after being sent back to Earth. The combination of the photos allowed NASA to make the final image in such a way that the camera taking the picture seemed to have slipped from the Perseverance arm, without the selfie stick visible. NASA also posted a video showing the process on its YouTube channel.


“Consecutive photos were taken of the rover looking at the helicopter, then when looking at the WATSON camera. The previous rover robot, Curiosity, which reached Mars in 2012, took a similar ‘selfies’ using a camera mounted on its robotic arm,” NASA said.

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Apart from sending incredible images of a distant planet, Perseverance and Ingenuity will spend their time looking for signs of ancient life on a mission that will last two years.

Perserverance which is NASA’s most advanced robot explorer to date, equipped with more than 20 cameras for shooting and scientific research purposes.



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