Robot bricklayer. Czech researchers are trying to replace the missing forces in construction

“Both in normal masonry and in masonry using 3D printing, the robot works according to a program converted from a 3D CAD spatial model. The conversion is taken care of by a converter that we developed ourselves, “describes Vyacheslav Usmanov, a programmer at the Department of Building Technology at the Czech Technical University.

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Experts tested the robot on the construction of the walls of a one-storey house, with half of the floor plan on a construction site made of ordinary hollow bricks connected with polyurethane foam, while the other was created using 3D printing technology. In this case, the wall was created layer by layer by describing a unique loop that allows you to create any floor plan, including details and without additional manual insertion of reinforcement.

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Labor market: Development of unemployment in the Czech Republic since 1989

“For 3D printing, we use a mortar designed for this purpose, the composition of which ensures pumpable consistency and at the same time dimensional stability after exiting the nozzle,” described Pavel Šafrata, a specialist at Atelier DEK.

The novelty proved itself to the technicians. Dekmatic technology works up to four times faster than humans and does not require breaks, which can help address the shortage of skilled workers. The undeniable advantage of the creators is also that the robot can work just as well 24 hours a day.

That would be good news for the construction industry. The industry is hampered by high prices for building materials and a shortage of workers. According to data from the Czech Statistical Office, construction output rose by 2.2 percent year on year in September and by 1.3 percent in the third quarter, but compared to last year’s low base.

There is no material and, though, so expensive: construction companies and investors face a more difficult challenge than last year

According to Eurostat, the Czech construction industry was in 17th place in the first half of the year with a year-on-year decrease of 0.7 percent among the 25 countries of the European Union, the Czechia fell by four places year-on-year.

However, the new technology emerging with the support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic will probably not be a quick and simple solution for the suffocating field. The developers have to deal with the obstacles they encountered in the first phase. Mortar designed for 3D printing is too expensive, so they want to replace it with low-cement or cement-free materials. During masonry, the high precision of the robot encountered dimensional deviations of standard fired bricks.

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