Robin Gosens: Bundesliga dream? “I will definitely come true” – FOOTBALL INTERNATIONAL

Keep going for the Bundesliga!

Robin Gosens (27) has been playing for Atalanta Bergamo in Italy since 2017. If he has his way, that should change one day …

The left-back is one of THE EM bright spots. At the latest after he showed a world-class performance against Portugal (4: 2) (goal and assist).

His saying afterwards is cult: “You can tweak me. Even then I don’t believe it. I’m missing one. “

And now Gosens has once again underlined his dream of playing in the Bundesliga one day.

On Monday Gosens said at a camp of his “Dreams are worthwhile” foundation: “I’ve never made a secret of the fact that my dream is to move to the Bundesliga. I want the dream and I will definitely make it come true. “

When? He could “not say that yet. I feel good, we’re playing the Champions League. So I don’t see the absolute need to switch. “

Surprised: When Gosens talks about specific clubs, he shows his royal blue heart: “Preferably, of course, for the blue and white from Schalke. But if it’s not the blue and white, then also for other colors, if the project behind it fits. “

And further: “That was always the most important thing to me. Also more important than coal or something. And whether that is Leverkusen, Gladbach or anywhere else is of secondary importance. I want to play in Germany, I want to tear myself apart for a jersey. “



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