Roberto talks about the absurd situation with the Russian language

Italian singer Roberto Meloni has told about a situation when an unexpected reaction was caused by what he said about the lack of knowledge of the Russian language at the highest level.

Roberto writes, explaining that he does not speak Russian too well, the other side did not hide his anger.

“Please do not misunderstand, but as soon as I am offered to run a private event in English and Russian, and I receive a surprised facial expression and a slightly offended response from my company secretary in response to my answer” If you take it out.

“Kak možet bit, po latviski ochin horosho govoritie y po russky neto ?!” … I want to remind THOSE some people (because this is about human intelligence and not about nationality) that I moved to LATVIA 18 years ago, so I learned the State language. And I want to add that I have a bachelor’s degree in philology and I speak four or five languages, because language is wealth, but poor behavior is not. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, “writes Roberto.

It should be noted that in the comments, the majority of Facebook users expressed great support for Roberto, writing that there are many people in Latvia who should follow his example.

“Yours sincerely, Roberto. The La Dolce Vita show alone was proof that it is better to know the language than some who already live in Latvia!” said in a comment.

Roberto Meloni is an Italian singer and event and television presenter who lives and works in Latvia. He has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest twice: in 2007 as a member of the group “” and in 2008 as a member of the group “Pirates of the Sea”.

Now he is leading the culinary show “La Dolce Vita. With Roberto”, spending the summer on a tour of Latvia, presenting his third book, which summarizes recipes from all over Latvia.

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