Robert ten Brink: ‘François is the real Mister Lingo’ | Stars

“He loved games”, Ten Brink tells the ANP. “During the first broadcasts, he spent evenings practicing with the candidates, because he wanted them to be well prepared and not to make mistakes during the broadcast.” The presenter from then remembers the first recordings as if it were yesterday. “It was unique that we made a quiz that used a computer. The first day of recording was immediately unsuccessful, because that computer crashed.”

When Ten Brink stopped after two seasons Lingo, producer IDTV and VARA could not find a good successor. “François had no experience as a presenter, but he knew the game like no other,” says ten Brink. “He had humor, knew how to play people well and had a sympathetic appearance in front of the camera. His unusual appearance helped enormously with that”, referring to the braces that Boulangé often wore.

In the end, Boulangé presented the popular game for almost ten years. He made thousands of broadcasts. “As far as I’m concerned there is only one real” Mister Lingo, and that is François”, emphasizes Ten Brink. “I made the game for two years, once a week. He did it five times a week for ten years. If you don’t deserve that title by then, you’ll never earn it again.”


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