Robert Strayer, one of the faces of Huawei’s danger warnings, leaves Trump administration – News

In an interview with Lusa in February of this year, Robert Strayer expressed confidence that in the long term Portuguese operators will implement “only” reliable technology, ceasing to work with Huawei.

“I am confident that in the long run we will be able to reach the right kind of standards [de segurança], which means that telecommunications operators in Portugal will only implement reliable technology “, said, at the time, the Deputy Deputy Secretary of the Department of State for cyber and international communication and information technology policy.

“Those who now have unreliable technology”, particularly on the 4G network, can be “easily removed as communications equipment is updated over time,” added Robert Strayer, who met in February with the three wireless operators. Portuguese telecommunications – Altice Portugal, NOS and Vodafone Portugal -, as well as regulator Anacom and parliamentarians.

“And I think that in the long run, the public will demand that their private information is not in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party”, as well as that of their intellectual property, he said at the time.

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