Robert-Pax hospital on “heightened alert”

The situation is tense in Metz, Saint-Avold, Forbach, Saverne, Haguenau, Strasbourg, where we can observe a rebound in the Covid-19 epidemic. “Sarreguemines is caught in a pincer movement and is an exception in the healthcare landscape,” notes Jean-Claude Kneib, the director of the hospital center. “She’s in a bubble. ” For now.

A positivity rate of less than 3%

For more than two months, Covid activity has been contained, “with an average of 15 to 18 hospitalized patients, despite a slight upturn last week”. On Thursday February 4, sixteen Covid patients were taken care of in the services, including six in intensive care, where “admissions fluctuate”. To relieve neighboring establishments, the Robert-Pax hospital has accepted patient transfers from Metz and Forbach. “But we are still on a low plateau. “

The positivity rate for PCR tests remains below 3%, with around 100 tests performed per day on average. Two to three cases are positive. “All admissions are screened”, analyzed directly on site by one of the laboratory’s two automatic devices. But impossible to determine if it is Sars-CoV-2 or one of its variants. “The two techniques allowing their identification (screening or sequencing) cannot be implemented at Sarreguemines. Recently, part of the samples have been sent to a specialized laboratory. Feedback is expected.

100,000 FFP2 masks ordered

Sarreguemines therefore remains preserved for the moment. “There is a luck factor, continues Jean-Claude Kneib, but also a very great caution of the population. Even if she is not officially confined, in fact, she is “and limits her movements. This precaution does not prevent anticipating darker days in the weeks to come. “We are convinced that we will be impacted by this wave with these new forms of viruses that are more virulent and contagious. “

On Tuesday February 2, the crisis unit met to anticipate the probable increase in Covid activity. “We have alerted our teams so that they can prepare to deprogram interventions in a short time. We are in a situation of heightened alert. The white plan remains in place, as well as the 14 intensive care beds, instead of the normal eight. An order has been placed for 100,000 FFP2 masks in addition to the 100,000 already in stock, “as well as sensitive equipment such as gloves, which will allow us to last two and a half months. We are preserving the future in the short term ”.

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