Robert Pattinson on diet: It’s a habit

It’s all too easy to fall into that pattern of just looking for calorie intake. It’s a no-brainer. And realize how slow it is, and when it’s too late, declared the actor.

Although I have never had a problem with my own figure, I have tried almost everything in the field of diets. He even ate nothing but potatoes for thirteen days. I once ate only potatoes for two weeks as a detox. Just boiled potatoes, Himalayan salt and nothing else. It has to be real Well, you’ll lose weight after that, he said.

The potato diet is not the only one the actor has tried. I tried the keto diet once. I thought, is there a diet where you don’t eat sausages and cheese? But I didn’t realize you couldn’t drink beer, because that makes perfect sense, he added.

Robert Pattinson and his movie Batman (2022)

However, it is important to keep in mind that in interviews, the actor told reporters many times things that were not based on reality at all. The writer Carrie Wittmer wrote a whole article about it called Robert Pattinson in the year, in which she analyzed each of Robert’s rumors and their veracity.

The rather famous story about the fact that a member once bored his most ardent fan so much that she stopped stalking him, is apparently not true. Just like he once saw the art of a clown. Although Robert Pattinson does not hide the fact that he is a shameless liar, he is one of the most honest celebrities we have, added Wittmerov.

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It is to Robert Pattinson’s credit that he confessed to repeated lies. I will decide to have fun in some way, he said in 2018 in an interview with Willem Dafoe. I have the kind of jerk in me who always has an offer and says something stupid. If I’m in front of the camera for just a few minutes, I’ll drop something funny. I have to say that my tongue almost clicked.

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