Robert de Niro first cast for Big: ‘Then it would have become a horror film’ | Entertainment

entertainment“>Robert De Niro was originally cast for the role of Josh in the film Big”Says Perkins, who apparently did some recordings together with De Niro. “In the end it was canceled because it didn’t work out with his schedule, so they went for Tom Hanks.”

entertainment“>Big talks about the boy Josh. He wants to grow up and because of a magical wish machine at the fair he is suddenly an adult the next morning. We will never know what the film starring De Niro is like. But at least Perkins thinks it would have become a less suitable family movie. “De Niro was a bit more depressed. It was more like a horror movie with him. With Tom Hanks it felt much lighter. ”

scene with Tom Hanks from Big

scene with Tom Hanks from Big

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