Robbery Victim in Medan Becomes Suspect, Thief stabbed 3 times after falling

Medan, CNN Indonesia

A youth in Medan he was named a suspect, even though he was not arrested, after stabbing him three times robber who had fallen by using a knife that had been prepared.

Previously, the Sunggal Sector Police named DI (21) as a suspect for stabbing a man suspected of being a thug who wanted to seize his motorbike and belongings. At that time, DI tried to defend himself because he was attacked by four gangs of robbers.

The Director of the General Criminal Directorate (Ditkrimum) of the North Sumatra Police, Kombes Pol. Tatan Dirsan Atmaja, revealed that the incident occurred on Tuesday (21/12) at around 01.00 WIB on Jalan Sei Beras Sekata, Sunggal.

At that time DI was riding a motorbike back to his house. When crossing the location, DI was approached by four men suspected of being robbers.

The four people who rode on a motorbike were also carrying pointed bamboo. They snatch DI’s cell phone. At that time, DI was alone against the four people earlier. Not only that, the robbers also tried to seize DI’s motorbike.

“There has been a case of violent theft (curas) against DI’s brother. Then it was exactly at 01.00. So there are 4 suspected robbers. They took WL DI,” said Tatan at the North Sumatra Police Headquarters, Friday (31/12) night.

DI also resisted using a knife he was carrying. The knife was deliberately brought by DI to protect himself when he came home at night. Because the area is prone to crime. Moreover, DI had previously been followed by a group of youths when crossing the road.

“At the time of the robbery, DI’s brother, who is now a suspect, fought back. The DI suspect had prepared a knife,” he explained.

“Why did the DI suspect carry a knife? This was because to prepare himself and defend himself when crossing areas that were considered vulnerable. The suspect had passed through the area several times,” explained Tatan.

Faced with resistance, the four suspected robbers tried to escape. At that time, Reza, one of the suspected robbers, also jumped on his motorbike. However, Reza was pulled by DI. DI directly stabbed Reza’s right waist.

“While running away, one of the robbers was pulled by the suspect DI. And the first stab hit the victim’s right waist (the robber). The victim fell, then stood up, then was stabbed three times to the chest,” he concluded.

Reza is dying. He died as a result of being stabbed. Meanwhile, three other suspected robbers who were friends of Reza fled. Later, DI turned himself in to the Sunggal Police.

Infographic of a series of murder cases of one family. (Photo: CNN Indonesia/Fajrian)

He was escorted directly by his parents and legal counsel. However, DI, who was the victim of the robbery, was named a suspect. The police have yet to catch the other three robbers.

“The suspect DI is subject to Article 351 paragraph (3) of the Criminal Code (maltreatment that causes someone to die),” he said.

Investigators concluded DI was cooperative. In addition, his family also guarantees that DI will not run away. That’s why, added Tatan, DI was not arrested.

“The suspect (DI) surrendered himself and was accompanied by his parents directly. Investigators concluded that the suspect was cooperative. And we know that the suspect (DI) is also a victim. What is the evidence that he is a victim? WL What is owned by DI has been confiscated by criminals,” he explained.

Furthermore, DI also made a report to the Medan Polrestabes for being a victim of a robbery. The police have named the three robbers as suspects.

“It’s true, DI made a report. For the three suspects (we already know their identities) they are currently being chased. So from the testimony of witnesses and the testimony of the suspect DI and evidence of knives have been secured,” he concluded.

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