Robbery of a teenager in Kiev caught on video

Photo: frame from video

A teenager was robbed in Kiev

A group of juvenile robbers led by senior “comrades” insolently robbed a 13-year-old teenager.

In Kiev, near the residential complex Parkovye Ozera on Monday, September 27, a group of minors, together with older “comrades”, robbed a 13-year-old teenager. This is reported by the Kiev Operative Telegram channel.

The footage of the recording shows how they are all coordinated together, then separated in search of a “victim”.

“When the three smaller ones noticed the guy – they struck up a conversation with him, asked for a phone number, told something. They did not arouse the guy’s suspicion, because they were younger than him, so he felt confident,” the message says.

When they took the guy to the park, their older companions had already overtaken the group. In the park, after talking, they grabbed the phone, and when the guy ran after the thief, the elders hit him several times.

It is clarified that the attack took place near the road, so passers-by intervened. The intruders fled.

Earlier it was reported that in the Dnieper several teenagers lashed out to the law enforcement officer who reprimanded him.

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