Road signs, attention these are better to know The Many no longer remember the meaning, go crashing


Compliance with the Highway Code by the driver also depends on knowledge of road signs: there are many, we often get confused, but it is good to memorize them as best as possible or you risk a lot.

The danger along our streets runs at full speed speed, when it comes to directing a vehicle: not only risk many, but also our own safety is in danger if you do not respect the signs.

When we see a road sign along our journey driving a vehicle, it is clear that the indication given to us has a relevance specific for that treatment: so what should be done?

Whenever we meet in front of a road sign, it is our concern and our interest to ensure that we immediately understand what is happening to us indicated: otherwise the consequences they can be huge.

In particular, we could risk a left road, or to go to bang, for example: this is why some signals must be picked up immediately, on the fly. AND remember them And determining for us.

Road signs, look out for these or you risk getting hurt

Some in particular are to say the least strategic precisely as a function of the ‘direction’ of our path to the guide. Specifically, they tell us how to continue the sense Of marcia.


If you don’t remember them, these signals are known as obligation signals which refer, precisely, to the mandatory direction road. That is to say if and how it is necessary direct the car.

The mandatory direction sign is generally placed before the moment in which, in fact, it is mandatory to continue the road route only in a single verse. Basically just right, or left, or straight. Let’s see on the merits.

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Direction obligation: what to pay attention to

This mandatory sign always corresponds to a bifurcation or intersections which tell us the only way in which it is permitted continue on that road.


Usually they are in turn anticipated by other warning signs which, precisely, anticipate as short shots a leadership obligation real.

They can be placed at crossings, or in stretches where turning into several is not permitted directions: in general they can also be located on road sections in which change a precedent sense Of marcia.

It is essential to follow to the letter what they tell us, in order not to find each other or counter traffic, with risk of accidents, or on stretches where the road structure (perhaps due to unevenness, bumps, work in progress) the car could still be blocked.

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