Road safety. D14 B: a dangerous passage near a primary school

Monday September 28 in Volkrange, an 11-year-old child on a bicycle is hit by a car at the pedestrian crossing crossing the D14B which connects Volkrange to Konacker. Quickly taken care of by the emergency services, “a firefighter and a nurse were already there, caught in traffic”, Julian escaped with “a head trauma, the left shoulder broken, a sprain and a cut to the leg ”, details Anne, the mother of the child. A chance when we know that several fatal accidents have already taken place on this road, not to mention the vehicles that end in the ditch. Earlier this week, an investigation to determine the exact circumstances of the accident was still ongoing and the motorist was not held responsible.

Located outside the village, this pedestrian crossing is a privileged place for those who go from Beuvange to Volkrange by taking the Horli path. “It’s a dangerous place, yes. Even if there is a fire, we often see cars passing by when it is red, ”commented teenagers who are used to the place.

“This departmental is a bit like the great Asterix ditch. It is limited to 70 km / h and is located near the primary school. During school hours, a bus was set up several years ago to prevent children from having to go through there. It’s a well-known place that has been a problem for years, ”adds Stéphane Schoenacker, president of the association. Living in the 3 villages (V3V) which brings together more than a hundred families from Volkrange, Beuvange and Metzange.

A good understanding for safety

Since the accident of her son, Anne has only one wish: “that Julian be the last”. She wishes to clarify: “He was not run over by a driver. The person regularly checks in on him ”. It rather points to the problem of an accident-prone road. Hence its appeal on social networks. A petition was created by a local resident. “Initially, I wanted this place to become a limited area of ​​30, with radar and speed bumps. But it seems that the speed bumps are no longer done on the departmental roads. “After having had the mayor of Thionville Pierre Cuny on the phone several times since the accident, the mother thinks she has been heard. “The petition can be used in the procedures with the Department. ”

For its part, the V3V association wants to be constructive and has started a census of the fatal accidents that have taken place in this place. “For the moment, we have identified six since the 80s. We will compile everything in a letter to the mayor so that he can use it in his request to the Department”, adds Stéphane Schoenacker.

At the town hall, the affair seems taken seriously despite a limited power of intervention. “This is a departmental road. Once entered by the association, I will send a letter to the department to put solutions in place and make this pedestrian crossing even more secure, explains Pierre Cuny. There are already baffles, fire, signs, so while waiting and before the end of the year, we will add a flashing sign and LEDs so that the place is clearly visible. ”

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