Rizky Febian closes door to peace, case of alleged misappropriation of Teddy’s assets continues


Teddy Pardyana he became a defendant for allegedly selling property that did not belong to him. Where is the Innova car said to belong to Rizky Febian sold by Teddy.

Previously, Rizky Febian interrogated three objects in this case. However, after an investigation was carried out, only the Innova car which Teddy sold for IDR 120 million could be proved.

“There are none (assets). The initial report was three objects of houses, pensions, (car) Kijang Innova, until the trial only Innova, two objects could not be proved, only the Kijang car,” Wati said Trisnawati in a virtual interview, Tuesday (29/11/2022) evening.

Teddy’s presence as a defendant was confirmed at the trial. Even though they were in the same place, after the trial, neither Rizky Febian nor Putri Delina met Teddy.

“Not everyone went home in a hurry, even the journalists didn’t comment. (Yesterday at the trial) there was no meeting,” he explained.

Even Wati said that when Teddy asked to meet to resolve the issue, he mentioned Rizky Febian ignore. Although, according to him, the matter of 120 million rupees from the sale of a car that allegedly did not have a license was considered a trifle.

“Last (communication) investigator asked Teddy to resolve this outside the line of kinship, this is a small matter. Pak Teddy asked to meet Rizky Febian but said please go to my lawyer” Wati explained.

“Yesterday, before the trial, I also asked (to meet) the answer, please contact my lawyer, so the case will continue. Because they don’t want to settle it amicably,” he added.

Teddy’s party also said it was a small matter, but it took time and thought. Plus, Teddy is still being charged with asset embezzlement, so Teddy hopes this affair doesn’t end up as a criminal case, but a civil one.

“It took time for mental energy, if I say a small case, only Rp. 120 million, it is still suspected whether Mr. Teddy has committed a crime or not,” he said.

Watch video “Rizky Febian Explains Allegation of Misappropriation of Teddy’s Assets”:

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