Rizky Billar Delivers News About Continuation of Marriage Without Lesti Kejora’s Accompaniment, What’s Up?

PR TASIKMALAYA – Continuation news wedding Rizky Billiards and Ready Kejora finally officially announced, following the news of the policy extension PPKM from the Government.

Rizky Billiards who celebrates Eid al-Adha without Ready Kejora, officially announced that the event marriage contract will postponed.

Quoted PikiranRakyat-Tasikmalaya.com from the HITZ INFOTAINMENT YouTube channel on July 21, 2021, Rizky Billiards revealed, the entire series of her wedding with Ready Kejora officially postponed following policy PPKM.

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“Yeah, that’s the show postponed temporarily, because we are aware that as good citizens, we follow government policies,” he said Rizky Billiards.

Not only that, another reason behind the time delay wedding it’s because both of them want to make an event wedding as a happy moment that impresses many people.

“Because we want an event wedding what we make later it can be special, something to look forward to, memorable and remembered by many people.

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However, many netizens are wondering about Rizky Billiards who announced such an important matter without Ready Kejora.



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