RIVM: more than 5,400 new infections • Corona cases towards half a million

The number of confirmed corona cases in the Netherlands is approaching half a million. As of yesterday, the counter has reached 479,260 positive tests. On average, 5,000 new cases are added every 24 hours. It is therefore expected that the limit of 500,000 will be reached next week.

It is mainly a symbolic limit, because the actual number of infections is probably much higher. This is mainly because in the first months of the pandemic there was not nearly as much testing as now. On February 27, the first corona infection in the Netherlands became known, in a man from Loon op Zand. It took until mid-September to reach the limit of 100,000 infections.

The Netherlands is not the only country close to half a million infections. According to Johns Hopkins University in America, which keeps the figures worldwide, this also applies to the Czech Republic (490,750) and Indonesia (493,308). Iraq, Chile and Belgium have just crossed the half million mark.

22 countries have more confirmed cases than the Netherlands. The United States (12,089,438), India (9,095,806) and Brazil (6,052,786) count the most cases in absolute numbers.

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