Rita from the Church shock: “My brother Nando saved a woman from an attack”

The testimony of Rita Dalla Chiesa, which in connection with “Afternoon Five” tells how his brother Nando managed to save a woman from the assault of a man who was throwing her off the balcony.

“Nando lives on a very quiet street in Milano, with the buildings close enough – says the famous TV presenter – He was working on the computer when he heard yell out and saw on the balcony opposite, on the second floor, a young woman clinging to the railings of the terrace. She was visibly exhausted and was about to let go, with this young man trying to throw her down. “

The episode attracted the attention of passers-by, who immediately called the police, but also by Nando himself, who with extreme lucidity he yelled at the man to try to destabilize him. A move that allowed the girl to free herself, waiting for the intervention of the police.



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