Risma’s eldest son calls a suitable figure to replace his mother in Surabaya

SURABAYA, KOMPAS.com – Fuad Bernardi, the Mayor of Surabaya’s eldest son Tri Rismaharini, talking about a figure deemed suitable to replace his mother.

Fuad also mentioned the name of the Head of the Surabaya City Development Planning Agency, Eri Cahyadi.

“Surabaya needs leaders with proven technocratic abilities, plus a populist spirit. And that is already in the figure of Pak Eri Cahyadi,” said Fuad while attending the declaration of support for the Arek Suroboyo Movement to Eri Cahyadi as a substitute. Risma in Surabaya, Sunday (23/8/2020).

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According to him, Eri understands the goals and ideals of Surabaya development. Eri is also considered to fully understand Risma’s program so far.

“Together with Mrs. Risma, there are many pro-people programs being guarded by Pak Eri, starting with equal distribution of infrastructure development for residents, opening up jobs, to social programs for underprivileged residents,” he explained.

Since the beginning, Eri Cahyadi has emerged as a candidate called “Jagoan Risma” in Surabaya Pilkada 2020.

Another name that has emerged as a candidate for mayor to replace Risma is Machfud Arifin.

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Even the former East Java Regional Police Chief has won the support of 8 political parties.

Meanwhile, the PDI-P as the ruling party in Surabaya is scheduled to announce the name of the Surabaya mayor candidate to replace Risma who will be brought up in the Surabaya Pilkada, Monday (24/8/2020) tomorrow.

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