Risma wearing boots through the mud to give aid to the victims of the Bima flood. Page all

BIMA, KOMPAS.com – Minister of Social Affairs (Mensos), Tri Rismaharini visited flood victims in the district Bima, NTB, Monday (5/4/2021) at 14.00 WITA.

During that visit, Risma brought logistical assistance for affected victims in the form of family equipment, evacuation equipment, and clothing for flood victims worth Rp 1,289,302,685.

From observation Kompas.com, the first location Risma visited was Naru Village, Woha District.

Once at the location, Risma immediately checked the health post and greeted the residents, and distributed aid to ease their burden.

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Arriving at the tent, the Minister of Social Affairs and his entourage were immediately greeted with chants of ‘welcome’ by dozens of children who were flood victims who had gathered at the post from the start.

At that place, Risma immediately invited the children to have fun and sing.

“Let’s sing together. What song do you want to sing,” asked Risma to the children.

Simultaneously, these children answered ‘there are five balloons’.

Risma who was accompanied by the Regent of Bima, Indah Dhamayanti Putri and the children then sang a song together while clapping their hands.

After singing, Risma distributed gifts to the children and encouraged them to be happy.

“So, no matter how heavy, you are still happy. If you are happy, you will be a smart child,” said Risma.

After entertaining the children, the Minister of Social Affairs together with his entourage then went around to check the condition of the residents affected by the floods in the local village.

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Using boots, Risma was willing to break through the floodwaters mixed with mud and walked down the alleys to greet residents while distributing aid.

The logistical assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs which is distributed to each affected resident is in the form of ready-to-eat food, baby items and children’s food as well as other assistance.

After handing over the assistance, Risma and her entourage then moved to Leu Village, Bolo District.

On that occasion, the Minister of Social Affairs also had time to enter the corner of the hamlet to check the existing conditions after the flood, as well as distribute logistical assistance to flood victims, such as pregnant women, the elderly and children.

After fulfilling the basic needs of the residents, Risma then visited the post at the Bolo District Office.

At that location, Risma also greeted the children and entertained them by inviting them to sing. Risma also had time to see activity in the soup kitchen at the local sub-district office.

After walking around in a number of flood locations, Risma and her entourage also observed the location of the bridge that was cut off due to flooding in Madapngga District.

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The presence of the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs at the disaster site in Bima Regency is to ensure that flood victims are handled properly and that their basic needs are met.

“I have to make sure no one has trouble eating. Actually we help a lot, such as mattresses, blankets, but we can’t bring them. Later that is for the Regent, yes. So, the local government will share it,” said Risma.

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The Regent of Bima Indah, Dhamayanti Putri, immediately appreciated the Ministry of Social Affairs’ quick response to the victims of the flash flood disaster that hit 4 sub-districts in Bima Regency.

“We would like to express our gratitude to the Ministry of Social Affairs, who went straight to the field by distributing aid, and ensuring that the aid reached the community,” said Indah Dhamayanti Putri.


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