Risma WA to Gorontalo Governor’s Wife Apologizes About Anger

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Assistance recipients of the Family Hope Program (PKH) Fajar Sidik Napu was asked to forgive the actions of the Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini (Risma) who scolded him loudly during a social assistance distribution work meeting.

governor Gorontalo Rusli Habibie explained that Risma also sent a message via the WhatsApp application personally to a member of Commission VIII DPR RI from the Golkar faction who came from the Gorontalo Dapil, Idah Syaidah. For information, Idah is the wife of Rusli Habibie.

“As governor, I also apologize to the Minister, if there is a sentence, my attitude that offends the Minister, I ask for forgiveness,” said Rusli, telling his side’s answer.

This statement was conveyed by the Governor of Gorontalo, Rusli Habibie, directly to Fajar at his residence on Sunday (3/10). According to Rusli, what happened at that time was just a miscommunication.

“So Mr. Fajar, maybe the minister was tired at that time so she could be upset. I apologize to the minister and forgive me too, this is just a miscommunication between us,” Rusli said in a written statement, Sunday (3/10).

He also did not want to prolong this problem and asked everyone to react wisely.

Dawn Clarification

In the statement it was written that Fajar also admitted that he had forgiven Risma’s actions when he scolded him while holding up a pen at himself during a work meeting last week. He admitted that he did not object to Risma’s actions at that time.

“Some of the media asked me, do I mind yesterday’s actions? I replied: ‘it is impossible for me to scold my parents who scolded me, because for me it is part of our education’,” he said.

He also explained the problems that occurred at that time until Risma became emotional.

Based on his explanation, there were 26 names of PKH recipients who were questioned by the Village Head as to why they had not received assistance. In his notes, the 26 names have not been included in the list of Fund Disbursement Orders (SP2D) which are the domain of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Fajar then explained the possibility that the names were deactivated from the Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS) because the data matching process was in progress.

Upon receiving the explanation, Risma immediately asked the ministry staff regarding the 26 names. After being traced, it turned out that the 26 names were still recorded in the DTKS.

“The bank said it was in the transaction process. Hearing this, the Minister immediately stood up to me. Even though the intention of the bank that had a transaction for the BPNT (Non-Cash Food Assistance) program was not the PKH recipient that the Minister meant,” he continued.

After the incident, Fajar admitted that he immediately clarified to the minister’s mother. He explained that the list of 26 names was still in the e-PKH application. Most of them are new PKH 2021 recipients.

Previously, a short video showed Social Minister Tri Rismaharini’s actions getting angry during a work meeting in Gorontalo Province regarding the distribution of social assistance. Risma points a pen at a PKH assistant regarding inappropriate social assistance data.

Shortly after the incident, Rusli as Gorontalo Governor issued a statement that he felt offended because Risma scolded his employees. He then reminded the former Surabaya mayor to maintain his attitude in front of the people.


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