Risma Reported to the Police, 65 Advocates Prepare Assistance

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

A total of 65 lawyers stated that they would defend and assist the Mayor of Surabaya Tri Rismaharini, in the face of allegations of public deception and provocation filed by the Chairman of the DPD Indonesian Advocates Congress (KAI) Abdul Malik at the East Java Regional Police. The 65 lawyers on behalf of themselves are ‘Advocate for the Children of Mrs. Risma Bersatu’.

A complaint to Risma was submitted to the East Java Regional Police’s Ditreskrimum, Monday (2/11). In his complaint, Risma was judged to have committed public deception by calling the candidate for mayor and deputy mayor number 1 Eri Cahyadi as her son.

“Legal practitioners agree to unite to provide support to Mrs. Risma. This form of support is illustrated by the formation of a forum. Namely ‘Bu Risma Bersatu’s Child Advocate’ which consists of 65 lawyers,” said spokesperson for the Advocate for Children, Mrs. Risma Bersatu, Rio Dedy. Heryawan, in Surabaya, Wednesday (4/11).

Rio said that Malik’s complaint, who is also a Gerindra politician, is completely baseless, and even tends to be funny. He said that Risma’s statement that Eri was her son was just a metaphor that teachers used to say to students.

“That’s a figurative word. Because Mas Eri was indeed educated by Mrs. Risma. This is the same as Mrs. Risma always says that all children in Surabaya are her children, so she desperately defended, started organizing free schools, giving scholarships, caring for abandoned children , fostering street children and so on, “he said.

Likewise, Malik complained about the alleged violation of the campaign leave permit. He said that Risma had applied for leave to the Governor of East Java and had received an answer.

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Rio claimed that based on his investigation and legal review, Risma was proven innocent in the complaint. Rio even said that in this case Risma had been wronged.

“We have reviewed everything, Mrs. Risma is innocent. Mrs. Risma will be wronged, so we will move to defend. We will provide assistance to Mrs. Risma, even many other advocates will join to defend her,” he said.

Rio added that his party was also concerned because recently Risma had continued to receive attacks and accusations of violating the rules. This was done by certain parties blindly.

“This makes the conditions ahead of the Surabaya Pilkada even more unfavorable. There are certain parties who maneuver all means and blindly attack Mrs. Risma. In fact, Mrs. Risma’s photo was prevented from being displayed on the campaign props (APK), even though it is legal to appear on the APK. , “he said.

Chairman of the DPD Indonesian Advocates Congress (KAI) Abdul Malik complained the Mayor of Surabaya Tri Rismaharini to the East Java Regional Police. In his complaint, Risma was judged to have committed public deception and provocation against the citizens of Surabaya, while campaigning for candidates for mayor and deputy mayor number 1 Eri Cahyadi-Armuji.

“We leave this process to the East Java Regional Police because Bawaslu seems to be slow due to experience that Risma was not summoned to come,” said Malik, yesterday.

He explained that Risma’s public deception included calling Eri a child. In fact, what he did know, the former Head of the Surabaya City Bappeko is not the son of Risma.

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Malik also pointed out that the campaign carried out by Risma did not have permission to leave from the Governor. According to him, as Mayor of Surabaya, Risma should have applied for leave in order to be able to campaign.

Not only that, Malik also took issue with a number of Risma’s words which were considered provocative. He gave an example, in the video circulating Risma said that if Surabaya was not led by her son (Eri), then Surabaya could be completely destroyed.


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