Risma Angry Called Strike Out Bansos Data: Don’t Shoot You

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

A short video showing the action of the Minister of Social Affairs (Mensos) Tri Rismaharini angry when meeting with Gorontalo Provincial officials regarding the distribution of social assistance (social assistance).

Risma is seen brandishing a pen at a social assistance assistant for the Family Hope Program (PKH) in the Gorontalo area. Allegedly, Risma did not accept that her party was said to have crossed out the data on social assistance recipients so that the aid was not on target.

“So we’re not going to cross it! Don’t shoot you, don’t shoot you!” Risma said in a video uploaded to the Twitter account @numadayana, on Thursday (30/9).

CNNIndonesia.com has asked permission to quote the video.

Furthermore, in the video, Risma also said that her party had never crossed out the data on social assistance recipients in the Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS). Instead, they update and add to the data regularly.

“Those are the data that you often slander! That’s what I got. DTKS was crossed out, I never nyoret, all of our areas are added, what do I do nyoret?” said Rima.

Regarding Risma’s action, CNNIndonesia.com have tried to contact the Special Staff of the Minister of Social Affairs for Human Resources Development and Ministry Programs, Suhadi Lili, but have not received a response.

It is known that Risma made a working visit to Gorontalo Province, on Thursday (30/9). During the visit, Risma evaluated the distribution of social assistance that was hampered.

Risma decided to distribute Non-Cash Food Aid (BPNT) or also known as the basic food assistance in cash in the October-November period due to natural conditions that made it difficult to distribute aid.

Recipients who have not received assistance since last July will receive five months cash assistance at once.

This is not the first time the former mayor of Surabaya is angry about social assistance. Risma was angry when she found out that social assistance was circumcised in the Tangerang City area, Banten, some time ago.

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