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Risks and Concerns: The Dangerous La Pera Curve on Mexico-Cuernavaca Highway

If you have driven to Acapulco or gone to Tepozteco on the Mexico-Cuernavaca highway, surely you already know the famous La Pera curve, a section that has been considered dangerous due to the numerous accidents that occur every year in this place.

The aerial images prove how pronounced this stretch of road is.

In this rainy season there have been several accidents on this curve, but in a tour carried out by EL UNIVERSAL on the Mexico-Cuernavaca highway, it was observed that not all drivers who travel there respect the signs that establish “Do not exceed 70 kilometers per hour”, in addition to countless crosses with flowers, where some include helmets in memory of deceased motorcyclists.

Such was the experience of Javier Cano, a resident of Guerrero who was traveling in the direction of Mexico City; His car was hit by another that was speeding on the Mexico-Cuernavaca highway near La Pera.

Javier Cano’s vehicle, driver from Guerrero, was hit by another car that was traveling at excessive speed in that section. Photo: Paola Reyes | The universal

“A vehicle that was about 10 or 15 meters from me began to skid, I was able to brake, but he got out and entered the road, so he managed to hit me. Fortunately we didn’t have any serious injuries and it was just the scare”, Cano narrated.

According to the Mexico Center for Experimentation and Road Safety (CESVI), in the rainy season the risk of road accidents can increase between 15% and 20%.

“With the rain, the oil and the slippery nature of the road, it is causing several accidents, in a period from morning to noon there have been eight accidents,” Cano said.

After his mishap, he recommends respecting speed limits, keeping your distance from other cars, and that when the rain intensifies, slow down even more. In addition, he asked the authorities to close the highway for at least an hour, so that water pipes enter to clean the pavement and thus prevent cars from skidding with the oil.

However, drivers are not the only ones affected.

Ingrid Rendón, a native of Ahuatepec, Morelos, recounted what her family experienced when traveling to Mexico City through the Mexico-Cuernavaca highway.

“My dad, in the section from here to Mexico City, ran into two accidents: the first was a two-car carambola, he passed it; the other was a carambola of four or more cars, and since it generates a lot of traffic, it delays all the activities of the day”, he expressed.

When these accidents happen, they also affect the tenants of the surrounding areas, as Rendón comments that from the 40 minutes it takes to get to Mexico City, accidents can spend up to three hours on the highway.

“In the rain you have to go slowly, you have to be cautious in general, especially because on the track some trust and go very fast, so you have to be cautious,” insisted the Morelos woman.

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