Risk of death from vitamin D deficiency increased 10-fold – health


Is vitamin D deficiency one of the reasons for fatal coronavirus infections? Several studies suggest this connection.

As the results of two studies from England and France suggest, an increased risk of dying from coronavirus disease may be related to a vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamins for the immune system

A life-threatening or fatal course is significantly higher in patients with a low vitamin D value. The analysis of the clinical observation studies does not yet allow a certain causality. The French National Academy of Medicine recommends, however, that the population pay attention to a balanced vitamin D balance. The WHO also recommends vitamin D for the prevention of respiratory diseases.

After all, vitamin D is a modulator for the immune system, which can preventively increase a positive effect. In addition, vitamin A also plays a major role in viral diseases. If there is a deficiency, the body is more susceptible to infection.

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